Introducing KER PLUNK


A delightful story of two lively young boys who are interested in preserving WATER!  One evening they are visited by Freddie the frog, a true water dectective, who shows them how important conservation really is!

Recommended for ages 4-8 years.

Author and illustrations:  Patricia J. Dennis

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Coming soon:


Dream Light 


A journey of visual poetry 

or a gathering of midnight memories 


Dream Light

The author takes you on a photographic and poetic journey of personal experiences gathered from a dream state. With distractions of the day removed something unusual and beautiful presents itself through a dream state. The world is seen in a different way, one in which people can fly untethered,and time is slowed down and even suspended. For others, the night brings dreams that offer the opportunity of unique experiences and moments of solitude where we can choose to focus or perhaps engage in the play that we don’t allow ourselves during the day. For some of us, those unique experiences carry over to daylight and fuel creativity or self help!