janet graham(non-registered)
great overview of the country
Christine VanHoy(non-registered)
I always love your work, and the Winter Yellowstone is o exception - just beautiful and spiritual. Nicely done lady!! :0) xo
Kathy Wright(non-registered)
Wow! I am in love with your work, Patricia!
Leslie Drivon(non-registered)
Wow! I'm so impressed, Pat! You definitely have "the eye" and it's all wonderful stuff. Thank you for sharing.
Lennie Lund
Your photos capture the lighting for every scene perfectly. Awesome work!!
Jim Goodkind(non-registered)
Great pics! Thanks for doing this!
Tammy and Curt(non-registered)
Patricia, we LOVED the pictures you took at Leah's 2nd birthday party! They were so closeup, clear and fun shots of the kids on the play area. Such beautiful candid shots. Truly amazing your work, and to be able to get such great pictures of the kids in action was awesome. Thank you!
Barbara Kurth(non-registered)
Love your work Pat. Your amazing pictures show imagination and class. Beautiful work.
Carol Solorio(non-registered)
I enjoyed viewing the photographs, very nicely done. Thank you!
Francine Kris Collier(non-registered)
Congratulations on exhibiting your work at Filoli Gardens. Your images really capture the beauty of nature with vibrant colors, textures, and feelings. Hope to see you at Filoli.
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